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Foto do Leandro Alves sorrindo para a câmera


Learn more about the work I do and how you can master the internet by creating amazing websites with my content.

Leading Digital Innovation with Wix Studio

Hello everyone, this is Leandro Alves, but you can call me Lê. Since becoming a Legend Level Business Partner with Wix in 2019, I have fully immersed myself in this universe where creativity and innovation go hand in hand.

In addition to building premium websites and digital products, I lead the Brazilian Wix Business Community, inspiring over 70 agencies and freelancers. I share valuable tips on my YouTube and Instagram channels, believing in everyone's potential to explore with the right tools.

Recognized as one of the leaders in the Wix community and on my way to becoming a certified Wix Studio Web Designer, I invite you to join me on this transformative digital journey!

Várias pessoas olhando para a câmera e sorrindo para a foto no evento presencial da Wix Studio em Agosto de 2023.
Leandro e sua família
Leandro Alves e família de férias
Pessoas de pé sorrindo no evento da Wix Studio em São Paulo em 2023

To learn from me about Wix Studio, check out some of the methods I've developed.

YouTube Video Series

Aventura Digital Methodology

Wix Studio Community

Imagem de uma pessoa comendo pipoca e assistindo ao canal do youtube do Leandro Alves

A new video every week about Wix Studio

Every week, dive into a new video packed with valuable tips and clever tricks to take your digital project to the next level. Join me on this creative journey and transform your ideas into reality with style, efficiency, and innovation.

From scratch to your first Wix Studio Web Designer certification

Discover the Aventura Digital Methodology: a unique program divided into 3 stages to transform you into a certified Wix web design professional. Start your journey now!

Frame de aula do Leandro Alves da sua Metodologia Aventura Digital
Pessoas felizes no final do evento do Wix Studio em 2023 em São Paulo.

A community to help you with daily challenges

This is your meeting point for overcoming daily challenges. Here, you will find support, idea exchange, and inspiration with partners from Brazil and around the world. Join us and enhance your project with the strength of our community.

These are my credentials with Wix

Wix Studio Community Leader

As the leader of the Wix Studio Community, I represent over 70 Brazilian agencies and freelancers, promoting meetings, training sessions, and sharing the latest Wix updates. Join us to grow and innovate together in the global community.

Tela mostrando a home do Wix Studio Community Leader com Leandro em destaque
Wix Partner Legend Leandro Alves

As a Legendary Level Wix Partner, I am proud of my 5-star rating, a result of commitment and excellence with my clients. I receive leads daily and have a share in Wix's revenue, ensuring quality solutions and success for your website.

Montagem de Tela Exibindo o perfil do Wix Marketplace do Leandro Alves

Now, if you need a digital marketing agency

Discover Aventura Digital, my agency specialized in website creation, Google positioning (SEO and online ads), and comprehensive AI consulting for your digital presence anywhere in the world.

Montagem de um computador apresentando a home do site Aventura Digital
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